The Team is made up of passionate and proactive people with a vision that propels them to performance and success for our esteemed client.

The Sunny Star team is a fine combination of creative and skilful people in diverse competency areas. These are people with the ability to motivate each other and to delight clients consistently.

  • SunnyStar CEO
    Sunny Thomas
  • victor
    Victor Olabanji
  • Juliet Sunnystar
    Juliet Olugazie
  • bello SunnyStar
    Bello Hassan
SunnyStar CEO
CEO of SunnyStar Marine

Sunny Thomas

Sunny Thomas is a marine professional with a strong character for operational excellence. He has covered a number of projects and marine operations thereby building ...
Head, IT and Strategy

Victor Olabanji

An Astute IT and Strategy professional that brings to the team his years of experience from various sector.
Juliet Sunnystar
Operations Supervisor

Juliet Olugazie

A strong capacity in operations and planning is the skill that Juliet has built over the years from working in various organisation. She brings ...
bello SunnyStar
Document Control Operations

Bello Hassan

Bello adds his in-depth skill of document generation, review and control to the operations of SunnyStar marine Service